Super Simple Eats – The Noodle Tree

There’s a great noodle restaurant in my neighborhood called Noodle Tree (국수나무) that I frequent. I stumbled upon this restaurant while exploring one day, and have been going ever since. It’s great for dinner alone after finishing a long day at school, but this time I went with HJ.

Noodle Tree is a chain restaurant that has a wide variety of noodles and donkatsu. They even have Vietnamese pho on the menu!


I ordered the Shrimp Udon, which is SO DELICIOUS. It comes with udon boiled in a flavorful fishcake broth, topped with two large fried prawns. The portion size is also nice for the price of 5,800 won. It’s definitely filling!

HJ ordered the Seafood Jjampong, which has noodles boiled in a red pepper broth. The soup is then topped with prawns, mussels, and a HUGE squid. The squid is so large, that it must be cut with scissors before eaten. At 6,800 won, this dish is great if you want to fill up on seafood. But, be careful. It’s very spicy!