A Buffet For Everyone

Last weekend, HJ and I found a new gem of a buffet. Qoo Qoo (pronounced koo koo) is a wonderful sushi buffet located in Wonju. I’m not too much of a sushi or sashimi person, but this place definitely has something for everyone.

As soon as you walk in, there is a price list. It might look complicated, but the prices that are the most important are the first three. Lunch (11am to 5pm) during weekdays is 16,900 won. Dinner (5pm to 10pm) during weekdays is 19,900 won. Lastly, on weekends and holidays, the price is 19,900 won. Pretty cheap, right?!

Now, on to the good part! Food!

There was a great selection of food and I sure had a blast eating it! I was surprised at the amount of hot food that was available. My personal favorites were the barbecue samgypsal (Korean bacon…a bit thicker than American style bacon), pizza, roasted chicken, and tater tots (of course)!

I tried some of the sushi and found the eel sushi just delicious. HJ ate a lot of salmon sashimi, which he liked very much.

All-in-all, I recommend this place for those who want to eat at a cheaper priced buffet. I’m also pretty sure that this specific buffet is a chain. It can be found all around Korea.

For those who live in Wonju, it’s in the new building just next to Burger King on the 4th floor. Take a look at the map for more detailed directions.