Cafe Coin de Rue

Last week, I had the privilege of eating a scrumptious Mexican style dinner at a new cafe in Musil-dong. With its delicious food and inviting atmosphere, Cafe Coin de Rue is the perfect place to wind down after a busy day.

Upon entering the cafe, you’ll feel a unique vibe that just makes you want to sprawl out on one of the couches and relax with a warm hot chocolate. The Christmas lights definitely set the mood for me.

As for the food, everything is made fresh with care and precision. This specific night was Mexican taco night. For starters, we were given tortillas with freshly made guacamole and tomato salsa on the house. The menu included a choice of Baja Shrimp or Braised Pork Belly soft tacos. YES. I was in a pretty good mood. What excited me even more were the pitchers of red wine sangria. YUM.

After munching on tortillas and sipping my wine, the tacos finally arrived! They were stuffed with taco-y goodness. I chose the shrimp taco which included shrimp sautéed in a lime butter sauce, roasted mango black bean salsa, chipotle cream sauce, and fresh baby greens.

There were also sides of black beans and saffron rice to add to the tacos. I could tell that this would be one of those meals that would have me licking my fingers by the end.

I also snapped some photos of the Braised Pork Belly soft taco, which was just as delicious according to my friend. Marinated for 16 hours and slow roasted for 5 hours, the meat was tender enough to melt in your mouth.

This taco was also topped with cheese and an avocado cream sauce. Who doesn’t love cheese?!

Visit their Facebook page for more pictures and directions to the cafe.