Cocina Mexicana in Wonju

Living in a small city in Korea can sometimes be a drag when there aren’t a lot of foreign food options. I’m lucky enough to live in Wonju, which is slowly improving in terms of different types of cuisines. While browsing Facebook, I came upon a review for Cocina Mexicana and decided to give it a try.

As soon as I walked in, I noticed the Mexican style room decor. Colorful paintings and photographs lined the walls and traditional calaveras were strategically placed on display. The place had a really nice, relaxing ambience.

Before we ordered, a bowl of warm tortilla chips and spicy salsa were placed on our table. These were probably some of the best tortilla chips I have had in Korea thus far. The salsa was fresh, topped with cilantro (a rarity in these parts).

The menu is small, but it was pretty difficult to choose just one thing. I settled on the chicken chimichanga with a side salad and a classic margarita. The margarita was good, but could have been a tad bit stronger. If you like super sweet drinks, this one is definitely for you. As for the chimichanga, all I can say is “WOW!”. It was super cheesy (unlike the burrito) and had an amazing tomato based sauce drizzled over the top. Cutting into it was a challenge because of its crispiness, but I was happy when I finally succeeded. I went ahead picked up each half of the chimichanga and ate it instead of using a fork and knife. I definitely recommend eating it this way to get the full experience of the crispy, flaky crust. Eating it with a fork and knife may cause the crust to get soggy.

All-in-all, my experience at Cocina Mexicana was wonderful and I will definitely be going back soon!