Sweet Oak Kitchen and Smokehouse

It’s no secret that I’m a frequent visitor at Sweet Oak in Wonju. The food is just so delicious! They specialize in American style barbecue and have some lovely cocktails as well.

This time, I opted for the single pulled pork platter and it was wonderful. If you’ve been to Sweet Oak before, you’ll notice that the platter looks a little different.

Here’s what changed:

The rice now has chorizo seasoning in it which changes the color and the flavor.

There are two soft dinner rolls added on the side. This was my favorite change because I enjoyed scooping the pulled pork into them and eating it like a sandwich.

Pickles, pickles, pickles! They’re crisp and refreshing with the right amount of spice. Honestly, I had never tried spicy pickles before, but it was a pleasant surprise.

As for the pulled pork, the flavor is out of this world. The meat is tender and the sweet barbecue sauce gives it a nice finish.

Last but not least, our table got a sample of their new dessert. S’Mores! I especially enjoyed the gooey marshmallow topping. The inside of the s’more had a crumbly filling sprinkled with chocolate chips. Although I prefer whole graham crackers, it was pretty good.

When will you bring back the wagyu burgers, Sweet Oak? They were so…YUM!